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Chorda Concert Harp Strings


  • The sheep gut of the Chorda strings is hand-manufactured in the traditional way. 

  • Polished with absolute precision, the strings have the same, precise diameter throughout their entire length. This gives the musician the potential for perfect intonation.

  • typical warm and smooth gut sound

  • Chorda harp strings come either slightly oiled or lacquered for protection.

  • The strings are lacquered in order to prevent them from fraying.

  • The sound of the lacquered strings is slightly brighter.

  • All F-strings are colored black, all C-strings red.



  • The sets 1st to 4th octave are available in medium gauge.

  • 0. to 3rd octave: in medium and strong

  • 4th and 5th octave only in medium


Tailpiece Options

  • envelope

  • Chorda strings have neither a ball-end nor a knot.

G 0.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 170620
G 0.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 170630
F 0.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 170720
F 0.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 170730
E 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171120
E 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171130
D 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171220
D 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171230
C 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171320
C 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171330
B 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171420
B 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171430
A 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171520
A 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171530
G 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171620
G 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171630
F 1.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 171720
F 1.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 171730
SET 1.Octave Oiled Mittel 171020
E 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172120
E 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172130
D 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172220
D 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172230
C 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172320
C 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172330
B 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172420
B 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172430
A 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172520
A 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172530
G 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172620
G 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172630
F 2.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 172720
F 2.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 172730
SET 2.Octave Oiled Mittel 172020
E 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173120
E 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173130
D 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173220
D 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173230
C 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173320
C 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173330
B 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173420
B 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173430
A 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173520
A 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173530
G 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173620
G 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173630
F 3.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 173720
F 3.Octave Oiled Gut Stark 173730
SET 3.Octave Oiled Mittel 173020
E 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174120
D 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174220
C 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174320
B 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174420
A 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174520
G 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174620
F 4.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 174720
SET 4.Octave Oiled Mittel 174020
E 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175120
D 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175220
C 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175320
B 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175420
A 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175520
G 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175620
F 5.Octave Oiled Gut Mittel 175720
G 0.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 170623
G 0.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 170633
F 0.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 170723
F 0.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 170733
E 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171123
E 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171133
D 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171223
D 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171233
C 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171323
C 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171333
B 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171423
B 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171433
A 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171523
A 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171533
G 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171623
G 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171633
F 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 171723
F 1.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 171733
SET 1.Octave Lacquered Mittel 171023
E 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172123
E 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172133
D 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172223
D 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172233
C 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172323
C 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172333
B 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172423
B 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172433
A 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172523
A 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172533
G 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172623
G 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172633
F 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 172723
F 2.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 172733
SET 2.Octave Lacquered Mittel 172023
E 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173123
E 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173133
D 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173223
D 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173233
C 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173323
C 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173333
B 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173423
B 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173433
A 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173523
A 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173533
G 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173623
G 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173633
F 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 173723
F 3.Octave Lacquered Gut Stark 173733
SET 3.Octave Lacquered Mittel 173023
E 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174123
D 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174223
C 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174323
B 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174423
A 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174523
G 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174623
F 4.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 174723
SET 4.Octave Lacquered Mittel 174023
E 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175123
D 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175223
C 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175323
B 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175423
A 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175523
G 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175623
F 5.Octave Lacquered Gut Mittel 175723