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19. March 2019

ASTA 2019, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

For the sixth straight year Pirastro Strings was very proud to exhibit and sponsor at the 2019 American String Teachers Association Conference (...)

05. February 2019

Winter NAMM 2019, Anaheim, California, USA

For the sixth consecutive year Pirastro Strings was very busy meeting with distributors, dealers, and Players (...)

Austrian Master Classes 2019

For many years now, Pirastro has been financially supporting this fantastic initiative for young musicians. (...)

21. November 2018

Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2018

This year was the tenth anniversary of the Cello Academy Rutesheim Festival and the organizers efforts (...)

16. July 2018

New Directions Cello Festival Köln 2018

Jazz, Flamenco, Tango, Funk ... for the cello? Of course! These styles and many more (...)

15. March 2018

ASTA 2018, Atlanta GA, USA

For the fifth straight year Pirastro strings was very proud to exhibit and sponsor at the 2018 American String Teachers Association (...)

01. February 2018

Winter NAMM 2018, Anaheim CA, USA

For the fifth straight year Pirastro Strings was extremely busy (...)

10. December 2017

Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2017

The Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2017 has provided the platform for an exchange without borders. A comparatively "young" event (...)

10. June 2017

ISB 2017 Convention, Ithaca, New York

Pirastro Strings would like to thank Madeline, Allegra, and everyone else at the International Society of Bassists for making this years convention a memorable one. (...)

10. April 2017

Microsite www.pirastro-shoulderrests.com

Find complete informations about our shoulder rests KorfkerCradle® and KorfkerRest® including video tutorials with Berent Korfker (...)

04. March 2017

ASTA 2017, Pittsburgh PA, USA

For the fourth consecutive year Pirastro strings was very proud to sponsor and exhibit at the 2017 American String Teachers Association (...)

25. January 2017

Winter NAMM 2017, Anaheim CA, USA

For the fourth straight year Pirastro Strings was extremely busy (...)

13. November 2016

VSA Competition 2016, Cleveland OH, USA

Once again Pirastro was very happy to sponsor and attend the bi-annual Violin Society of America makers competition. (...)

09. July 2016

Summer NAMM 2016, Nashville TN, USA

For the second straight year Pirastro strings was proud to be a part of the Summer NAMM festivities in Nashville. This years (...)

01. July 2016

Piatigorsky, AFVBM, and Viola Society Conferences 2016

Pirastro strings has been very busy the last couple of weeks visiting Cello, Maker, and Viola conferences across the United States. (...)