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Passione Violin Strings


  • The sheep gut core of the Passione strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
  • The core sound is full, round and warm and has a complex overtone spectrum causing brilliance and clarity and a great power of projection.
  • Passione strings possess a fascinating diversity of sounds, which allows musicians to alter their tone as desired.
  • The sound is big and powerful.
  • very easy response on all levels of the dynamic range
  • The accuracy of the contact point is easily manageable.
  • Significantly reduced playing-in time: Passione strings are immediately playable other than traditional gut strings.
  • Altering the gauge by 1/4 PM changes the tension by 3%. 


Tailpiece Options

  • The medium set contains the following strings: E-Silvery Steel 26,
    A-aluminum 13 1/2, D-silver 13 1/2,
    G-silver 16 1/2
  • All A-, D- and G-strings come with a ball-end in order to facilitate the installation. 
  • The E-strings are available with ball- or loop-end.



  • Passione A-, D- and G-strings are manufactured in up to five gauges in steps of 1/4 PM.
  • The Passione E-string Silvery Steel is available in the following gauges:0.255mm –  0.26mm –  0.267mm.
  • envelope
  • straight


  • All Passione strings are available in 4/4.

Special Features

The length of colored silk at the peg end of the Passione G-string is different than the length of the A- and D- strings. This has been done intentionally and is part of the construction of the G-string.   The special length of the G-string’s color winding at the peg end prevents the string from breaking in the peg box.  At the latest after two to three days the stretching process will be finalized.
As a result the silk winding will no longer reach over the nut.  We have made numerous tests with this special G on various violins all differing in size and the string has always fitted.  On some violins it takes longer, with other violins the string even fits from the beginning.

Since some time, a new trend evolved especially amongst young classical violinists who search for a full and complex sound to start to experiment with violin strings with a gut core. Baroque strings or gut strings for a historical set up are not meant here, but modern gut strings for the classical violinist in the tradition of our Eudoxa and Oliv strings. As the leading gut string manufacturer in the world PIRASTRO has now picked up this trend and developed a new gut core string called Passione.

Our development of the Passione aimed at reducing the playing-in-time of traditional gut strings and to increase their tuning stability without loosing the beauty of the gut sound. The gentle processing of the gut core is key to the conservation of the ravishing beauty of gut strings’ sound. Our expertise has been developed since 1798 and has been carefully protected over generations within PIRASTRO’s employees.

The combination in manufacturing of modern synthetic and traditional gut technology made it possible to retain the sound beauty of gut core strings and to increase significantly the tuning stability and the break-in-time. Passione strings possess a fascinating diversity of sounds, which allows musicians to alter their tone as desired. 

To such an outstanding extent this is still only possible with gut core strings.  The core sound is full, round and warm and has a complex overtone spectrum causing brilliance and clarity and a great power of projection. Passione’s sound can be big and powerful as well as gentle and tender. Passione is a modern reliable gut string for the demanding violin professional. The set is well-balanced; the response is easy on all levels of the dynamic range. The accuracy of contact point is easily manageable, similar to Obligato, Wondertone Solo and Evah Pirazzi.

Gauges and technical information:

The plurality of gauges allows musicians to choose their preferred gauge and makes it possible to respond to the individual tension requirements of their instruments.

As a rule of thumb:

  • The thicker a string is, the more powerful is the sound and the higher is the tension.
  • A thinner string will produce a brighter sound, however this does not mean that the sound is weaker or looses power.

There is no need to change the height of the bridge for using Passione strings.

Discover why following musicians favor Passione:

Judith Aller, Alina Ibragimova, Jonian Ilias Kadesha, Berent Korfker, Théotime Langlois de Swarte

E Ball Silvery Steel 25.5 Envelope 4/4 7.5 311311
E Ball Silvery Steel 26 Envelope 4/4 7.8 311321
E Ball Silvery Steel 26.7 Envelope 4/4 8.2 311331
E Loop Silvery Steel 25.5 Envelope 4/4 7.5 311911
E Loop Silvery Steel 26 Envelope 4/4 7.8 311921
E Loop Silvery Steel 26.7 Envelope 4/4 8.2 311931
A Gut/Aluminum 13 Envelope 4/4 4.6 219221
A Gut/Aluminum 13 Straight 4/4 4.6 219222
A Gut/Aluminum 13 1/4 Envelope 4/4 4.8 219231
A Gut/Aluminum 13 1/4 Straight 4/4 4.8 219232
A Gut/Aluminum 13 1/2 Envelope 4/4 5.0 219241
A Gut/Aluminum 13 1/2 Straight 4/4 5.0 219242
A Gut/Aluminum 13 3/4 Envelope 4/4 5.3 219251
A Gut/Aluminum 13 3/4 Straight 4/4 5.3 219252
A Gut/Aluminum 14 Envelope 4/4 5.5 219261
A Gut/Aluminum 14 Straight 4/4 5.5 219262
D Gut/Silver 13 Envelope 4/4 4.5 219321
D Gut/Silver 13 Straight 4/4 4.5 219322
D Gut/Silver 13 1/4 Envelope 4/4 4.7 219331
D Gut/Silver 13 1/4 Straight 4/4 4.7 219332
D Gut/Silver 13 1/2 Envelope 4/4 4.9 219341
D Gut/Silver 13 1/2 Straight 4/4 4.9 219342
D Gut/Silver 13 3/4 Envelope 4/4 5.1 219351
D Gut/Silver 13 3/4 Straight 4/4 5.1 219352
D Gut/Silver 14 Envelope 4/4 5.3 219361
D Gut/Silver 14 Straight 4/4 5.3 219362
G Gut/Silver 16 Envelope 4/4 4.4 219421
G Gut/Silver 16 Straight 4/4 4.4 219422
G Gut/Silver 16 1/4 Envelope 4/4 4.5 219431
G Gut/Silver 16 1/4 Straight 4/4 4.5 219432
G Gut/Silver 16 1/2 Envelope 4/4 4.6 219441
G Gut/Silver 16 1/2 Straight 4/4 4.6 219442
G Gut/Silver 16 3/4 Envelope 4/4 4.7 219451
G Gut/Silver 16 3/4 Straight 4/4 4.7 219452
G Gut/Silver 17 Envelope 4/4 4.8 219461
G Gut/Silver 17 Straight 4/4 4.8 219462
SET E-Ball Mittel Envelope 4/4 219021
SET E-Ball Mittel Straight 4/4 219022
SET E-Loop Mittel Envelope 4/4 219025
SET E-Loop Mittel Straight 4/4 219026